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Student Impact

Student scholarships and fellowships change lives and enrich our student body. Whether funding and undergraduate scholarship, a graduate fellowship or supporting study abroad experiences, how you support students is a personal decision with equally personal rewards. Our scholarship and fellowship programs offer special opportunities for donors and students to get to know one another.

Faculty Impact

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to creating and environment in which faculty are inspired and enabled to reach their full potential through academic freedom. Gifts to establish endowments help us attract high-quality faculty to the university, increase retention and enhance creativity and productivity. Only the interest earned on endowments are distributed, so your gift of an endowed fund establishing a faculty fellowship or chair will benefit faculty in perpetuity.

Faculty Support Areas

The SEC Faculty Achievement Awards honor those with outstanding records in both teaching and research who serve as role models for junior faculty and students.

A faculty fellowship is another method to honor an outstanding faculty member. Although the minimum endowment amount varies by college, most faculty fellowships begin at $150,000. Faculty fellowships bearing the name of the donor are part of the faculty member’s title.

An endowed professorship honors an outstanding professor, and an endowed chair is an elite academic position held only by top professors. The endowed funds generate an annual income to pay for a professor’s research, travel costs and the salaries of their graduate assistants.

Program and Facilities Impact

Exceptional programs and facilities attract and retain excellent faculty, who, in turn, attract the best graduate and undergraduate students. Strengthen the college through your gifts to support labs, centers, institutes or facilities.

Excellence Fund

Excellence funds at the college or department level provide funds to meet unanticipated needs that arise in the areas of student, faculty and program support.

To learn how you can make an impact on students, faculty and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, contact our Development Team.