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Student Academic Forms and Policies

Grade Appeals 

In the Texas A&M University College of Arts and Sciences, the academic departments are the primary authority with respect to departmental policies and procedures regarding their curriculum. Further, departmental academic advisors are knowledgeable about departmental-level, university-level and college-level policies and procedures governing academics and are charged with enforcing these policies.

In regards to an academic policy, if no satisfactory resolution is reached with the advisor, and the student wishes to appeal, the student shall appeal to the department head. 

No Grade Request 

No Grade (NG) is assigned only through the associate dean upon approval of the review board when extraordinary circumstances exist. According to Student Rules (Section 10.3), this request "requires extensive documentation of the extraordinary circumstances justifying the No Grade". Please note that it can take up to a full semester to completely process a NG request.

Submit your No Grade Request here

Course Overload Request

According to Student Rule 1.13.1, an undergraduate student with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better may register for a course load in excess of 19 hours in a fall or spring semester or 6 hours (7 if part is a laboratory) in a five-week summer term.

The College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Designee must approve all excess course loads for students whose cumulative GPA is less than 3.0. Students whose GPA is below 2.0 are not eligible for an course overload. Students who do not meet these criteria may discuss their situation with their undergraduate advisor. If the academic advisor approves, they can send this form to for review and processing, if approved. Note: Course overload requests cannot be submitted until open registration.

Download Course Overload Request and Student Acknowledgement of Responsibility Form


According to the Scholastic Deficiency/Probation section (Revised: 2013) of the Texas A&M University Student Rules Section 12.1, an undergraduate student is scholastically deficient when:

  • 12.1.1 Their term grade point average (GPA) is less than 2.00; or
  • 12.1.2 Their cumulative GPA is less than 2.00; or
  • 12.1.3 The cumulative GPA in their major field of study is below a 2.00; or
  • 12.1.4 They are not meeting college and/or major course of study grade point requirements.

Download the College of Arts and Sciences Probation and Dismissal Policy

Download the Dismissal Appeal Form

Request for Q-Drop

Undergraduate students will normally be permitted four Q-drops during their undergraduate studies. However, state law prohibits students from having more than six dropped courses from any state institution attended during their undergraduate career if they entered higher education as a first-time enrolled freshman beginning the 2007 fall semester and thereafter.

Q-drops in one-hour courses will not count in the Texas A&M University limit of four but will be included in the state-mandated limit of six dropped courses. If a lecture and companion lab are dropped at the same time, this will count as one Q-drop rather than two (Texas A&M University Student Rule 1.16.4).

  • The Q-Drop Request is located on the Registrar's website and online via Howdy.
  • If you choose to complete a paper Q-Drop form, you must bring the completed form to the academic advising office of your major for approval.
  • Contact your advisor with questions regarding Q-Drops.

Late Request for a Withdraw

Per Texas A&M University Student Rule 1.16.4, a student may drop a course without academic penalty through the 60th class day of a fall or spring semester, the 15th class day of a summer term or the 35th class day of a 10-week summer semester. This date is published in the academic calendar. Late requests would only be granted through the associate dean upon approval of the review board when extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control exist. Please note that it can take 4-6 weeks for a late request to be reviewed.

Submit your Late Withdrawal Request here


Students who were previously enrolled at Texas A&M but not attend class through the official census date of the previous long semester must apply for readmission. Please review the deadlines and process at the Admissions Office website here. We also highly recommend that you first prepare for your readmission application by scheduling a meeting with a Dean’s advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Education Office at or(979) 845-5143.

Download the Readmission Guide

Withdrawal from the University

Students can apply for a withdrawal through the Howdy Portal, and information about withdrawal can be accessed through the Howdy Portal as well.