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Doctoral Student Research, Travel, and Professional Development Award, 2023-24

The College of Arts and Sciences will provide funds for students enrolled in doctoral programs in the college to conduct research, professional travel, or professional development activities in FY2024.  These awards are intended to foster high-quality doctoral research, enhance student career outcomes, and reduce time-to-degree.

This year, the College will offer up to 30 awards with a maximum value of $2,000 each.  These funds will be made available to reimburse costs associated with professional activities.  Funds must be spent no later than August 30, 2024.

Activities supported by this program include but are not limited to: costs associated with domestic or international field work, visits to archives/libraries, travel to present papers or otherwise participate in conferences, intensive language study, formal skills development programs or training, or costs associated with an unpaid or minimally paid internship.

This year, there will be two rounds of review.  The first round will be for activities that will be completed by March 16, 2024.  No more than 10 awards will be made in the first round.  The deadline for first round submissions will be October 27, 2023. The second round of applications will be for activities that will be completed by August 30, 2024.  Applications for the second round of funding are due by February 23, 2024.

A student who applies for the first round, but is not funded, may apply for funding in the second round provided that the proposed activity meets all criteria.  Students who received an award from this program in the previous academic year are not eligible for another award in academic year 2023-24.

Applications should be submitted to by 5:00 PM CT on the day of the deadline.

As a single PDF, please provide:
  1. A narrative description of the proposed activity (maximum 1 page, single spaced), along with a brief description of the student’s graduate research project and a clear indication of how the proposed activity will support the student’s research or career development.
  2. A detailed budget.  For activities projected to cost more than the maximum award amount, indicate cost-sharing or other sources of funding that will cover the difference.  Please use the template below or a similar template, providing additional narrative explanation if needed.
  3. Where appropriate, supporting documentation.  This might include a notice of acceptance to a conference, pricing information related to a training or other development program, or a formal offer letter for an internship. 

A letter of support from the student’s primary faculty advisor(s), specifically addressing the importance of the proposed activity to the student’s research or career goals should be sent separately to the same address by the deadline. If the advisor is contributing funds to the student’s proposed activity, they should confirm this commitment in their letter.

Applications will be assessed based on the feasibility of the proposed activity, the relevance of the activity to the student’s research or career goals, and the likelihood that the proposed activity will meet the stated purposes of the award. 

Faculty panels will review all applications.  Please make sure that your material is written for an informed general reader.  The best applications will provide clear statements about the likely impact of the proposed activity on the applicant’s future research and career development.  

Funds may not be used to purchase personal computers or similar electronic devices.  Funds cannot be used to pay for housing or other accommodation costs in and around Bryan/College Station, or for tuition/fees at Texas A&M University.  All travel associated with this award requires permission through the university.

Students enrolled in interdisciplinary doctoral programs are only eligible if their primary faculty advisor/PI is a faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences.


  • Airfare:
  • Personal Auto Mileage:
  • Vehicle Rental:
  • Other:


Meals (per day):

Program Fees:

Conference Registration:


Other (please explain):



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