Recognizing Excellence

Faculty Awards

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The College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in the work of faculty. Each year, up to 32 recipients will be awarded in ten different categories.

2023 Award Winners


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CAS Outstanding Career Award
      2 awards - each $5000

CAS Faculty Excellence Award
    3 categories - 6 awards - each $4000

CAS Research Impact Award
    3 categories - 9 awards - each $4000

CAS Early Career Teaching Award
    2 categories - 4 awards - each $2500

CAS Undergraduate Mentoring Award
    3 awards - each $2500

CAS Graduate Mentoring Award
    2 awards - each $2500

CAS Inclusive Excellence Award
    2 awards - each $2500

CAS Service Award
    2 awards - each $2500

CAS Public Engagement and Outreach Award
    1 award - $2500

CAS Administration Award
    1 award - $2500

In summary, there are 32 awards totaling $107,500


Eligibility Requirements

Each award has its own eligibility requirements which include:

  • Appointment status within the College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Job titles/rank;
  • Minimum years of employment at Texas A&M; and 
  • Time limit between receiving the same (or comparable) award.

Nomination Process

The deadline for nominations is January 30, 2023.

Each department is encouraged to create an equitable process for identifying and nominating faculty for these awards. Nominations may be submitted by department heads, associate heads, or awards committee chairs. 

As college-level awards, CAS awards are intended to strengthen nominations for university awards and external awards, and thus serve as a pathway for future awards.

  • Departments may want to nominate a faculty member for a CAS award to strengthen a future nomination for a university award, such as an AFS award, Provost APT Faulty Teaching Excellence Award, etc. There is no requirement, however, that a faculty member secure a college-level award prior to being nominated for a university-level award.
  • Departments may choose to nominate a faculty member for a CAS award and a comparable university-level award in the same year.
  • As a corollary, faculty who have recently received a significant university-level award (i.e., AFS award) are ineligible for a CAS award in the same category within a specified number of years.

Each department may submit multiple nominations, as long as they do not exceed the number of nominations designated for each award category. 

Departments may choose to nominate the same faculty member for awards in more than one category. An individual faculty member may receive up to two awards in a given cycle. All nominations require a one-page nomination form and a CV. The nomination form should clearly articulate the nominee's achievements that are relevant to the award. The CV should be no more than five (5) pages and focus on information that is relevant to the award. No support letters are required.

Given the diversity of scholarship with the college, nominations should be written in clear and intelligible language that communicates the impact and significance of a nominee's achievements to members of a selection committee comprised of scholars from multiple disciplines. Nominations should also include contextual information about the department, discipline, and nominee's position description that might be relevant in the review of this nomination. 

Selection Process

Nominations for each award will be reviewed by a designated college committee comprised of faculty within the college. Each committee member will be asked to rate nominations using the evaluation criteria in these guidelines as primary considerations for these awards.

Committee members will not rate nominations that involve a conflict of interest (including nominations from their home department). In such cases, an average score from other committee members will be used. After ratings have been submitted, committee members will meet to review nominations and make recommendations to the dean.


Other Considerations

If a faculty member serves on a college-level committee and they are nominated for an award that their committee is scheduled to review, they will need to recuse themselves from the college-level review process for that award.

Presentation of Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences will host an awards ceremony annually in April to recognize faculty, who have received these awards along with staff and students who have received college awards. Each recipient will receive a framed certificate and a monetary award (paid as supplemental pay).