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College of Arts & Sciences

Biomedical Sciences is a broad field of applied biology that is directed toward understanding health and disease. This degree is offered on both the College Station campus and at the Texas A&M Higher Education Center in McAllen, TX.

Our mission is to educate students who will create a healthier future for humans and animals through the medical professions, biomedical innovation and discovery, global service and outreach. The program both emphasizes versatility in the biological and medical sciences, and prioritizes a One Health approach to education through courses that emphasize the interconnectedness of animal, human, and environmental health; while bringing together students with interest in medical careers that impact all three.

A highly effective counseling program assists the students with the development of an individualized approach and course package that orients and prepares the students for entry into the medical, allied health field or graduate program of their choice. Such an approach enhances their educational experiences, improves their placement in professional and graduate programs, and facilitates their entry into the biomedical science job market.

In the Biomedical Sciences curriculum, there are 120 semester credit hours (SCH) to be completed for the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences degree. There are 42 SCH from the core curriculum. Directed electives (27 hours) must be chosen from the Biomedical Sciences Directed Electives list.

By proper selection of elective courses within the University Core Curriculum, the 3 SCH of non-directed electives and the 27 SCH of BIMS Directed Electives, students may elect a vocational emphasis. A vocational emphasis provides increased knowledge and employment potential in a particular vocational area, and indicates to a potential employer a determined effort on the part of the student to become more fully prepared for post-baccalaureate employment or education.

Students must complete the Common Body of Knowledge courses in order to advance to indicated upper level courses taught by the College of Arts & Sciences.