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College of Arts & Sciences

Current students who are interested in changing their major to Biomedical Sciences are encouraged to reach out to an advisor during the semester in which they wish to change.

BIMS Change of Curriculum Information (PDF)


Students must have 12 or more graded hours completed at Texas A&M and no more than 75 total hours completed, including transfer, dual, and AP credit. Students who have three or more semesters of not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress will not be considered. SAP not only refers to grade point average but also to completion of required sciences/CBK courses. Drops will be considered for change of major eligibility.

Students must have completed the following 5 required Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) courses:

  • BIOL 111
  • BIOL 112
  • CHEM 119 
  • CHEM 120 
  • MATH 142 or equivalent

These courses must have a grade of “C” or better from Texas A&M at another institution. AP or IB credits are also acceptable. At least one required Chemistry should be taken in residency at Texas A&M University (College Station, McAllen, or Galveston).

Upper-Level Coursework

BIMS majors must complete all CBK courses (with a grade of “C” or better) before advancing into an upper-level major field of study coursework. These courses are as follows:

    • MATH 142 or equivalent
    • BIOL 111 & 112
    • CHEM 119, 120, 227/237 and 228/238
    • PHYS 201 and 202 or equivalents

All Math and Science courses from the CBK list must have a grade of “C” or better in order to be admitted to BIMS upper-level courses.

Change of Major Advising

Stephanie Reed

Academic Advisor II
Phone: (979) 845-4941