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College of Arts & Sciences

Students must complete all common body of knowledge (CBK) courses in order to advance to upper-level courses.

Students who have taken courses at other colleges or universities have special considerations when applying for the BIMS program.

Registering for classes is process you will complete for yourself during your assigned registration time.

If you need to drop a class after the drop/add period, you will need to complete a Q-Drop.

Advising Announcements

The sections reserved for BIMS Majors registering for Fall 2023 classes are listed below. When registering for BIOL 319, BIOL 320, BIOL 401, BIOL 402, BIOL 403 and BIOL 111 please choose a section from those listed below.

BIOL 319: Choose from sections 501-506 or 541-546
BIOL 320: Choose from sections 501-505, 520 -523 and 528 -532
BIOL 401: Choose from sections 993-997
BIOL 402: Choose from sections 900, 902, 905 or 994-996
BIOL 403: Choose from sections 998-990 


If you are a student who is planning on enrolling in BIMS481 and previously completed BIOL401 (not VIBS310 or 311) see an advisor for a course override. 

BIOL111 will have sections that are reserved for BIOL majors only.  That means you can choose any other section except:

BIOL111: 520 through 531
BIOL111: 568 through 582
BIOL111: 595 through 604


Waitlist Information

  • Opens April 17, 2023, for 3/400 level major science courses only!
  • All BIMS directed electives are open, if seats are full, please keep checking as we cannot add students to full sections.
  • We cannot place you on a waitlist for courses that are not BIMS/V- prefixed. Please contact the department offering the course for assistance.

Waitlist Form