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College of Arts & Sciences

Prior to Registration Steps

In the Howdy portal at (login with your NetID and password), under the Registration Readiness Tab:

  1. Select the correct semester.
  2. Complete Terms of Use, Lab Safety Acknowledgement, Location update and Tuition Rate Code Selection - Required EVERY semester. Click here for tuition and fees calculator.
  3. Check Holds
  4. View Registration Day and Time

How to Register for Classes

  1. Log into the Howdy portal at using your NetID and password.
  2. Select the Registration Icon at the top of the page.
  3. Select Aggie Schedule Builder.
  4. Select the term and the applicable campus in which you would like to register.
  5. Scroll down and select “Add Course”. This will bring you to a page where you can search for the desired course.
  6. Select "Add Course" for the desired course.
  7. Repeat for all desired courses. Note the number of remaining seats in that section. 
  8. Once courses are selected then Generate Schedules.
  9. Choose schedules to compare, then choose schedule.
  10. Once desired schedule is chosen then "Add to shopping cart".
  11. In Shopping Cart select "Register" in maroon.

Registering for BIMS 484, BIMS 485 and BIMS 491

  • To qualify for either course, you must be a U3 and have all the Common Body of Knowledge courses completed. Each course has a form that needs to completed and turned into the front desk of the BIMS academic advising office before you can be enrolled in the course.
  • To register for BIMS 484, you will need to complete a BIMS 484 request form.
  • To register for BIMS 485, you will need to complete a BIMS 485 request form. This form requires signatures from the professor.
  • To register for BIMS 491, you will need to complete a BIMS 491 request form.