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College of Arts & Sciences

BIMS Undergraduate Advising is committed to providing our students with quality, timely advising.

This student organization provides various opportunities to explore diverse careers in human or veterinary medicine-related career fields.

The Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) thesis program provides eligible undergraduates with a graduate student experience by allowing them to participate in research and communicate their findings as principal authors to the University's scholarly community.

International Stockmen’s Educational Foundation

International Stockmen’s Educational Foundation (ISEF) awards International Livestock Congress travel fellowships each year to senior-level undergraduates and graduate students currently enrolled in accredited colleges of universities. Information can be found at the ISEF website.

Notification of Tracking Satisfactory Academic Progress

Undergraduate students have the obligation to make satisfactory progress towards completion of all degree requirements. A minimum standard to measure degree progress requires satisfactory completion of 75% of attempted course credit hours each academic year. BIMS students are expected to take course work that applies towards the appropriate BIMS major.