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College of Arts & Sciences

Below are forms for Academics and Research and Field Experience. All forms must be approved and signed by the appropriate Biomedical Sciences staff.

Academic Forms

Directed Studies Forms

Research and Field Experience Forms

Student Instructions

Meet with your advisor to confirm that your desired 285/291/485/491/691 will apply to your degree. Fill out the appropriate form then send it from your Texas A&M email to your professor for discussion and signature. If you are asking for 491W credit, obtain a syllabus from your advisor prior to signing up. Your professor must agree to the W syllabus terms. Your professor should return the signed form to you then you email it to from your Texas A&M email. Include “Forms” in the subject line.

Professor Instructions

Discuss with your student the scope and expectations for proposed activities and then update the project description section as needed in the form your student provides you. You may sign it electronically then email it to the student. Your student will submit the signed form to BIMS advising.  

NOTE: You must have filed a COVID safety plan with your Department Head to have the student in the lab or clinical environment. Further, they may not start their work in your lab until the first day of class and must work in the lab within the boundaries of the semester.

Other Forms