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College of Arts & Sciences

Below is the list of Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) Courses necessary to complete a BIMS degree. All CBKs must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Texas A&M Course

Texas Common Course Number

Course Title

Credit Hours

BIOL 111

BIOL 1406

Introductory Biology I


BIOL 112

BIOL 1407

Introductory Biology II


CHEM 119

CHEM 1411

Fundamentals of Chemistry I & Lab


CHEM 120

CHEM 1412

Fundamentals of Chemistry II & Lab


CHEM 227 & 237

CHEM 2423

Organic Chemistry I & Lab


CHEM 228 & 238

CHEM 2425

Organic Chemistry II & Lab


PHYS 201

PHYS 1401

College Physics I


PHYS 202

PHYS 1402

College Physics II


MATH 142*


Business Calculus


Please reach out to an advisor about sequencing of these courses. Keep in mind that the CHEM courses listed above are a four semester sequence that needs to be completed by the first semester of your junior year.

*Acceptable course substitutions for MATH 142 include MATH 151, with the Texas Common Course Number being MATH 2413, and MATH 147.

Please direct any questions to