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Women's & Gender Studies (WGST) provides outstanding experiences to undergraduate students, developing their critical thinking and communication skills via high-impact educational experiences, small class sizes, technological innovations, and a truly interdisciplinary approach. Through its curricular and research efforts, the program strengthens the attention for women’s, gender, and sexuality issues across all disciplines in the college and university. Attention is given to the historical, cross-cultural, and multicultural aspects of gender in the experience of women and men.

Undergraduate Program

Students tell us that in their WGST courses, they cultivate the knowledge and skills they need to live in a complex world. In addition to their core classes, our majors study politics, health, literature, history, sociology, and psychology. They find themselves asking questions they’ve never posed before and addressing big life challenges with specific new ideas and frameworks for solving problems.

It’s all about women. And it’s not only about women. One of the first terms you learn in the major is “intersectionality,” which is a speedy way to name our layers of identity and the places they intersect on the road of life. How are gender differences important to understanding other identity experiences based on race, sexuality, religion, language, or nation? Asking these questions prepares WGST majors to be agents acting in the world and not just acted on by the world.

BA Program Overview and Requirements

BS Program Overview and Requirements



Minors in women’s and gender studies receive training in both humanities and social sciences approaches and are required to complete coursework that focuses on material beyond dominant U.S. culture; core courses have both theoretical and applied focuses.

Women's and Gender Studies Overview and Requirements

Gender and Health Overview and Requirements

LGTBQ+ Studies Overview and Requirements

Graduate Certificate Program

Women's & Gender Studies educates graduate students via a certificate program, designed to enhance scholars’ understanding of gender and increase attention to and discussion about gender in the future academy.

Graduate Certificate Overview and Requirements