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Geology students hiking
Undergraduate students gaining field experience.

Texas A&M University has long offered a Bachelor of Arts in Geology but has recently restructured the program to emphasize eight new disciplinary themes that prepare students for a variety of careers that require, or would benefit from, knowledge of geology. Students can tailor their degree program to pursue careers in environmental law, finance, science journalism, K-12 science education, resource management and sustainability, conservation, public health, public policy, or public service.

“The stewardship of the Earth is going to play an increasingly important role in our society and culture,” said Dr. Julie Newman, Department Head for Geology and Geophysics. “It will be critical to have people with a background in geology in position to affect our laws and public policies, educate our children and inform the general public. The B.A. in Geology is designed for students who want to satisfy their interest in geology and apply their education to careers that can effect broader societal change.”

B.A. Students will supplement their geology coursework with courses from one of eight disciplinary themes: Business and Finance, Paleontology and Paleoecology, Geospatial Sciences, Geology of the Human Past, Pre-Law, Life Sciences, Public Policy and Economics, and Secondary Education. Each theme consists of a menu of elective courses from other disciplines. The Department of Geology and Geophysics worked together with many other departments in the new College of Arts and Sciences in establishing these new themes. “The College of Arts and Sciences is a natural home for this Geology degree that encourages students to explore and take advantage of the wide range of disciplines that require knowledge of the Earth,” Newman said.