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The Department of Sociology supports a diverse community of faculty, staff and students working together to research and address real world social issues and problems. Faculty offer courses in race and ethnicity, social class, gender, popular culture, social psychology, organizations, community, environment, criminology, religion, global sociology, medical sociology, demography and gerontology, among others. Some courses include hands-on service-learning opportunities in which students connect service and/or research in the community with course material. To further complement our courses in these and other areas of sociology, students have opportunities to work one-on-one with professors engaged in sociological research. For sociology majors seeking to enter applied fields, we have a highly praised internship program that offers practical experience in community nonprofit organizations, government agencies and businesses.

Sociological training prepares students for graduate school and/or employment in a variety of occupations. Employers increasingly look for job candidates to have the critical thinking, writing and research skills students will develop in our program. Sociology coursework provides students with the ability to live and work effectively in a diverse and global society by better understanding social diversity, cultural trends, inequalities, organizational behavior and community and world events. Sociology provides an excellent background for students wishing to enter into the helping professions like social services, ministry, nursing, teaching and law enforcement, and it provides an outstanding foundation for law, marketing, human resources, journalism, government, business management and entrepreneurialism.