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College of Arts & Sciences

Statement of Purpose

Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) – specifically the following DCCCD campuses: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Mountain View, and North Lake – and Teas A&M University Biomedical Science (BIMS) hereby agree to an educational partnership to create a seamless transfer process for students transferring the DCCCD's Associate degree into Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science Program at Texas A&M. The Associate degree must be granted by any one of the 4 DCCCD colleges specified earlier in this passage.

Terms and Conditions

In order to establish and facilitate the transfer process for our mutual students, we agree to the following:

  • DCCCD students who follow the recommended program of study – 67 credit hours specified in the 2+2 Articulation Agreement – and who meet all other admissions requirements will be automatically admitted into the Texas A&M Biomedical Science program.
  • DCCCD and BIMS will jointly develop transfer guide(s), transfer admission and course equivalency guides, utilizing both DCCCD and Texas A&M course numbers, or the Texas Common Course Numbering System. By creating the transfer guide(s), DCCCD and Texas A&M assure students that courses listed in these guides are freely transferable between DCCCD and Texas A&M.
  • Representatives from DCCCD and Texas A&M will meet or make contact to exchange course catalogs and update course equivalencies, transfer guides and transfer admission information to be used the subsequent academic year.
  • A student transferring to Texas A&M under this agreement will have definite admission and acceptance of DCCCD academic credit hours, with the following conditions:
    1. Transfer students will receive academic credit for transferable college level courses only, completed with a grade of “C” or better. Remedial and developmental courses will not be accepted in transfer.
    2. The student must have a cumulative DCCCD GPA of 3.6 for admission to Texas A&M.
    3. Transfer students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.
    4. Texas A&M will accept a total of 67 transfer credit hours from DCCCD.

Agreement Continuation and Dissolution

This pilot agreement is committed for 5 years and commences Fall 2004. The DCCCD, College of Veterinary Medicine Dean, or their designees must approve amendments to this agreement. This agreement is effective upon signing by the involved parties, and each is free to publicize this partnership in a manner consistent with the agreement.

Notice and Requests

All notices, requests and other communication required shall be done in writing and delivered to:

Dallas County Community College District
Dr. Jesus “Jess” Carreon, Chancellor
701 Elm St., Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75202

Phone: (214) 860-2125

Signed by:

Dr. Jesus “Jess” Carreon
Dallas County Community College District

Dr. Robert Aguero
Vice Chancellor, Educational Affairs
Dallas County Community College District

H. Richard Adams
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Texas A&M University


1st Semester

Course Title SCH
ENGL 1301 Freshman Composition I 3
BIOL 1406 Biology 4
HIST 1301 History of U.S. to 1877 3
MATH 2513 Calculus I 5 (4)
CHEM 1411 General Chemistry I 4
Total Semester Credit Hours 19


2nd Semester

Course Title SCH
MATH 2414 Calculus II 4
BIOL 1407 Biology 4
HIST 1302 History of U.S. from 1877 3
CHEM 1412 General Chemistry II 4
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 18


3rd Semester

Course Title SCH
GOVT 2301 American Government 3
CHEM 2423 Organic Chemistry I 4
Humanities, Visual & Performing Arts Elective DCCCD Core Curriculum 3
ENGL 2311 Technical Writing 3
PHYS 1401 General Physics I 4
Total Semester Credit Hours 17


4th Semester

Course Title SCH
GOVT 2302 American Government 3
CHEM 2425 Organic Chemistry II 4
Social & Behavioral Science DCCCD Core Curriculum 3
PHYS 1402 General Physics II 4
Total Semester Credit Hours 14


Total Credit Hours: 68 (67 Transferrable Hours)