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See the Texas A&M University College of Arts and Sciences stories from April 2022.

Dr. Reinhard Laubenbacher, Dean's Professor of Systems Medicine and director of the Laboratory for Systems Medicine at the University of Florida, will visit the Texas A&M campus April 12 to deliver the 2022 Sue Geller Undergraduate Lecture, the fifth in an annual series intended to educate and inspire students in Texas A&M Mathematics.

Congratulations to Texas A&M Mathematics' Yvette Hester and Texas A&M Chemistry's Travis McCartney, who have been honored by Texas A&M University and The Association of Former Students with the 2022 President's Meritorious Service Award, Texas A&M's highest recognition for staff.

Texas A&M Science Ph.D. students Priyanga Ganesan '22 and Asim Maity '18 are among 18 selected university-wide to receive 2022 Distinguished Graduate Student Awards recognizing exemplary achievement in teaching or research.

For the 20th consecutive year, nearly 1,000 middle and high school students from across the state will visit the Texas A&M University campus this weekend for a Texas-sized science and engineering competition, the 2022 Texas Science Olympiad.

A Texas A&M-led collaborative team of nuclear scientists has concluded in a recent study published in "Nature Communications" that the role neutrons play in the creation of carbon, considered the definitive building block of life, actually is much smaller than previously thought.

The Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience has received a five-year, $1.25 million National Institutes of Health grant to build a comprehensive student training and research program aimed at promoting diversity efforts across the neuroscience community and broader campus by expanding on its recent success in replacing the traditional one-on-one research mentoring model with a team-based approach centered on assets and leadership.

Dr. Dana Randall, ADVANCE Professor of Computing and Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, will visit the Texas A&M University campus next week to present two public lectures in conjunction with the Dr. Carl "C.J." Maxson Endowed Lecture Series, sponsored by the Department of Mathematics.

Be it high winds and utility outages, local flooding, or an active shooter, when disaster strikes, multiple agencies and non-government organizations respond. The cutting-edge technologies, multifaceted logistics and collaborative efforts required to ensure optimum coordination of that response will be on full display next week during the Public Safety Interoperability Institute 2022 (Interop'22), set for May 2-6 at Disaster City and hosted by the Texas A&M Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center (ITEC).

Scientists within the Collider Detector at Fermilab collaboration have achieved the most precise measurement to date of the mass of the W boson, one of nature's force-carrying particles -- a result that shows significant tension with the value expected based on the Standard Model of particle physics.

Congratulations to Texas A&M astronomer Robert C. Kennicutt Jr., one of six faculty campus-wide appointed as 2022 University Distinguished Professors, a perpetual title representing the highest level of faculty achievement at Texas A&M.

The Trotter Prize and Endowed Lecture Series, set this year for Wednesday, Apr. 6, in Rudder Theatre, seeks to illuminate connections between science and religion, often viewed in academia as non-overlapping if not rival world views.

A polyglot, scholar, and mother who found her way from Russia to Texas A&M University.

New research shows a link between intergenerational abuse and earlier onset of menopause.

An associate professor in the Department of Performance Studies explains the role performance and film play in shaping the public’s views of the war in Ukraine.

Texas A&M University is celebrating APIDA Heritage Month this April. A professor in the Department of History discusses why this month is important on campus.

Russia’s nuclear arsenal gives it significant leverage — but even using a small atomic bomb would be tremendously costly for Putin and his government, says Texas A&M political science professor Matthew Fuhrmann.

Alysha Noorani ‘19 uses her communication degree to connect her community in meaningful ways.

Nathan Kyle Drain ‘23 and Thomas Greve ‘24, two of three newly elected yell leaders, share their journeys to becoming part of a spirited Aggie tradition.

A professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, explains the consequences of the state’s child welfare agency opening child abuse investigations into parents who provide gender-affirming care to their children.

Texas A&M University research will determine whether having an attorney present advocating on behalf of defendants makes a difference in the bond amount and bond type given.

Stella Lee ‘23, an international studies major, is commemorating her time at Texas A&M University in a unique way.

Foote’s book sharpens our focus on a military and legal concept that suffused Civil War tactics and combat but has long been overlooked by historians.

Once a high school student experiencing homelessness, Levi Bohanan ‘15 now advocates for homeless students and high-quality education within elementary and secondary education systems.

Texas A&M is among 16 institutions accepted into an artificial intelligence ethics initiative backed by the National Humanities Center (NHC) and Google.

James Rogers, an associate professor in the Department of Political Science, discusses what the future may hold for the first Black woman nominated to the Supreme Court.

A professor in the Department of Psychology found that community violence impacts Black youth in unique ways.

The research will answer key questions about the physicochemical properties of aerosol particles and aerosol-cloud interactions.

Developed by faculty and staff in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and College of Geosciences, the Weather Data Interface and High-Definition Weather platforms provide free access to useful weather forecasting data for meteorologists.

Sailing aboard the world-renowned JOIDES Resolution research drill ship, Dr. Julia Reece and Dr. Jason Sylvan will each co-lead a 2-month South Atlantic research expedition this year.

New research co-authored by a Texas A&M scientist analyzed placement of stream gauges that inform important global water datasets.

Co-authored by Texas A&M scientists, new research on atmospheric conditions in India in 2020 shows how levels of black carbon and dust are related to climate and monsoons.