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See the Texas A&M University College of Arts and Sciences news from December 2022.

Senior Grace Vaughn ’23 credits Texas A&M University with cultivating her passion for selfless service, a tradition she plans to continue to honor in the professional world.

Texas A&M oceanography professors are leading a team to the Southern Ocean to map trace elements as part of the National Science Foundation-funded global initiative GEOTRACES.

Physicist Ralf Rapp serves as principal investigator for the HEFTY Collaboration, one of five Department of Energy projects that are bringing together leading U.S. nuclear theorists to expand our knowledge of nuclear matter.

As a woman in sports media, Lia Musgrave ’19 has had to work hard to make her voice heard — and she’s certain her perseverance will help define a new era for the future of women in the industry.

While evergreens have long served as symbols of life during the bleakness of winter, a Texas A&M history professor explains that Queen Victoria spurred the tradition which has become a global phenomenon.

The long-forgotten trading vessel was unearthed in Alexandria and shipped to Texas A&M for extensive study and preservation.

Two former students employed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are among many people with ties to Texas A&M who played a part in the major scientific advancement.

An international team led by Texas A&M chemists has combined powerful imaging techniques and large data sets to better understand why lithium-ion batteries fail and how they can be improved.

"In the Bleak Midwinter" didn’t begin life as a song, but being set to music helped it find fame.